Online banking security
帐号保护、数据与传输加密、DDoS 防护等数十项安全措施,全方位安全体系确保数据安全
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Online banking data security
World-class data centers

Service availability is up to 99.9%; Automatic expansion of system scale without affecting external service; Triple data backup, reliability 99.99999999%; Multiple levels of security protection and protection against DDoS attacks.

Secure storage

Encrypt the uploaded file using RSA asymmetric secret key + AES random secret key to ensure that the decryption key of each file is generated randomly, and the file content cannot be obtained even if the original file is leaked.

Network silver level transmission encryption

When a user accesses or transfers a file, both the WEB and the client communicate with the server using an SSL secure transmission link encrypted with 2048-bit keys, ensuring that the transfer process is not intercepted or eavesdropped.

High-level access system

The new permission system of goukuai cloud library can not only realize fine management, but also provide the basic guarantee for data security. Combined with the preview watermark, file version system and secondary recycle station system, it further protects user data security.

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User data isolation encryption


Two-factor validation mechanism

The user needs to confirm the dynamic SMS verification code or mail verification code to complete the operation. Even if the user's password is compromised or cracked, the user cannot log in to the account.

IP access restriction rules

The administrator can restrict the login IP or IP segment of designated members or departments within the enterprise to ensure that sensitive accounts are logged only in a fixed network environment.

Multiple device management and data erasure

Users can manage devices that have been logged in, and even if they are lost, they can remotely force them to go offline or erase their local data. At the same time, the user can restrict the account to a specified device, or forbid the account to a Web browser.

Customized security services
Advanced logging and auditing

The access and modification behavior of the enterprise employee to the file will be recorded in the file operation log. All operations performed by the enterprise administrator in the background are logged into the administration log for auditing, exporting, and post-mortem tracing.

Server side virus protection service

We provide effective file anti-virus protection services for enterprises, scan file security, and effectively prevent and remove file viruses

Data backup service

The internal storage part of hybrid cloud storage is fast enough to provide regular backup data service and effectively solve the problem of enterprise data loss.

Unified certification and one-stop login

够快云库支持与多种 IT 系统进行认证对接,直接使用第三方帐号体系登录,一站式登录让企业无需维护多套帐号体系,提升整体安全性。