Enterprise content management
To help enterprises establish an orderly electronic document library from mass documents
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Why can we help companies build digital libraries, not just a messy document warehouse?
File library management

Based on the traditional folder directory, add "file library" management mode, similar to the C disk, D disk. You can set up multiple departmental libraries, project libraries, archive libraries, and so on in different categories to easily manage files. It's like building separate bookshelves in a jumble of books.

Background global library management

The management background can make full statistics and management of all the file libraries under the enterprise's name, and it can also reverse the management of the file libraries involved by members and departments.

Independent library administrator

You can set different members, owners, and administrators for each library, and you can set different member permissions for different folders in the library to achieve fine management.

Customize library properties

无论是库名称、库图标、库存储节点(需混合云支持,点击 了解详情)还是库成员、库空间,都可以根据需要自定义。满足企业个性化管理需求。

Insight into business value from massive file data
Advanced label system

Support uniform configuration of tag groups. For example, under the "status" label group, there are three status labels: "draft", "audit" and "finalized". Users can quickly label files accordingly. All tags support filtering for multiple conditions.

Advanced search and full text search system

You can do advanced searches based on file names, file types, labels, creators, and many other dimensions, and support full-text retrieval of files, allowing you to search for content without having to open a file.

Document template

Support to create multiple file templates, quickly create the same type of documents, to achieve standardized management, improve the efficiency of document output.

File metadata system

You can record the hat color in the image file into the file metadata, or you can record the activity name of a document.

Multi-dimensional file management, create your own file management tool
Star file

One key to star files, fast marking, fast access.

Custom collection system

According to their own needs, set up a number of favorites, will come from different library of different file consolidation.

A recent visit to

Full platform synced recent access list allows you to quickly view recent actions, viewing files, and continue to work anytime and anywhere.

Quick access to virtual directories

Support to save search results, fast access to specified conditions of file content. Easy and quick access to specified files.