A new generation of hybrid cloud architecture
Flexible, scalable and highly reliable deployment of a new generation of hybrid cloud services solutions
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Truly cloud-based hybrid cloud services

Different from the traditional fusion mode of simply docking public and private clouds, fast hybrid cloud solutions integrate both into a core cloud computing platform. Implement centralized management of computing resources and provide storage-oriented interface. From now on, enterprises only need to pay attention to their own file content, and do not need to consider storage media, platform operation and maintenance and update.


Unified deployment, cloud operation and maintenance, real-time upgrade

The unified deployment and maintenance of the central service enables users to enjoy the function update and real-time platform operation and maintenance in the first time.


Flexible and unified storage architecture to meet enterprise customization requirements

Separate storage drive modules can dock with dozens of different types of storage systems.


Multiple deployments, multiple access

Support multiple simultaneous deployment of hybrid cloud modules, support multi-point real-time access, fast data exchange.

We also offer a VPC proprietary cloud deployment solution

More customized implementation plans to meet enterprise business requirements