International transport

The global acceleration network ensures efficient and stable cross-border transmission at all times
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Global acceleration node, millisecond response

World-class data center infrastructure, 1000+ CDN acceleration node coverage on six continents, ensuring stable and high-speed cross-border transmission at any time. Cross-domain high-speed channel and domestic backbone network access ensure that the network delay time is at the lowest level.

High performance differential transmission

Industry - leading general difference algorithm, accurate transmission of file changes. Typically, a regular Office document can save more than 92 percent of the transmission bandwidth based on a fast differential transfer.

Two way intelligent acceleration

At the same time, single node, multi-node and two-way acceleration service are supported to meet the multinational transmission needs of enterprises in different scenarios.

Network environment breakpoint continued transmission

No one is on duty, even if the network environment switch, can still achieve automatic breakpoint continued transmission.

HTTPS safety acceleration

Full-link acceleration, the use of HTTPS encryption for client access, node connectivity, and source return requests from anywhere in the world. Transmission process is asymmetric encryption protection, eliminate any possible eavesdropping.

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