Perfect evolution of the FTP system

Leave that traditional FTP file server. Goukuai to bring more scientific and low-cost cloud content solutions to businesses
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Scientific and rigorous authorization management

The file management system of the FTP system is simple and extensive, which cannot meet the management requirements of modern enterprises for personnel, team, authority and file. Fast enough cloud management organically combines enterprise organizational structure with "file library", and optimizes the logic of authority setting, enabling administrators to configure and manage intuitively. Furthermore, custom roles and authorities help enterprises to quickly establish a refined file management system.

Full platform, all-weather, multi-terminal synchronous access and sharing

Goukuai cloud library to help enterprise employees access the latest content at any point in time. Whether on the road or on the road, employees can view, send, or edit documents using their smart devices. Achieve 24/7 high availability. Traditional FTP systems, however, are limited to corporate network environments and cannot do this.

A complete cloud system architecture requires minimal maintenance costs

Relying on world-class data center services, traditional FTP system is no longer the old hardware, high cost of infrastructure and complex operation and maintenance, high maintenance costs and various difficult problems. Businesses can enjoy many of the benefits of cloud computing with just one Internet cable.

Immediately adopt the new era file management system