High-level system permissions
The authority role is configured autonomously to realize enterprise fine management
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Customizable roles that can be configured autonomously
Easy to use: science's default role setting

For the most common scenarios of enterprise management, gokuai cloud library presets 7 default roles, which effectively fits the common scenario of enterprise file management. Administrators can effectively manage the document permissions of the enterprise without complex Settings, greatly simplifying the initial configuration process.

Custom roles: 28 subdivision permissions

For special usage scenarios and exceptions, fast enough cloud library provides up to 28 freely combined subdivision rights, realizing fine management. And we've sorted all the permissions intelligently, making the administration and configuration process intuitive.

Support deny permissions and reverse authorization

Innovative introduction of WIndows like denial of permission (reverse authorization). Effectively ensures the security of sensitive files while extending the flexibility of permission configuration.

Customize the access group to create a virtual organizational structure
Access group: virtual organizational structure

Administrators can create groups of employees, project teams, or teams that are independent of the organization's structure, with different departments and members joining them. There is no need to change the original organizational structure.

A privilege group associated with a member's position

Want to screen out the group's engineers? All you need to do is create a permission group called "engineer" and associate it with the position, so that all eligible members will join the permission group. This is an impossible task in a traditional file management system.

Automate group authorization

When we set the authorization for a department or authority group, the authorization status of people in the group will change in real time according to the change of group members. For example, when a member leaves or quits a privilege group, the member will automatically lose the privilege without requiring any additional Settings.

Perfect the strict permission supporting function
Custom permission inheritance

By default, subdirectories automatically integrate the permissions of the parent directory. But you can set some folders to "do not inherit" status. After setting, any changes to the parent directory will not affect the folder, and realize the folder independent management.

Permissions batch Settings

Face a large number of directories and files, fast enough cloud library support to modify the unified permissions of multiple folders, rapid configuration. At the same time, we support permission batch add operations. Allows you to make quick changes to existing permissions.

Permission advanced query

You can filter and search the permissions of any folder. At the same time, we support querying and modifying all recursive permissions of specific members to effectively avoid management chaos after setting too many permissions.

Goukuai cloud library
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