Mobile office
Full terminal synchronization, easy to work anytime and anywhere
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Files are always accessible and never lost

Whether it's a meeting summary written just a minute ago or a project document finalized a year ago, it can be found quickly on a mobile phone. Full terminal coverage of the client allows you to seamlessly switch between work scenarios.

Play powerpoint directly on your phone

Microsoft Office files, PDF files, Markdown, PSD, or drawing files can be previewed online directly on the phone without downloading the source files

Send files directly from your phone

Even on the way of business trip, you can share the external link through the cloud library mobile APP, or @colleague files. Sharing collaboration is no longer limited by devices.

Real-time message notification, not too bad for important content

Someone sent you a file, or someone signed you a file. They can receive notifications immediately through push notifications.

Real time recorder

Whether attending BBS or attending a meeting, open the cloud library APP fast enough to enable the real-time recording function, pause at any time and continue at any time. Take notes easily.

Take photos with video upload

For the field work scene, users can directly take photos and collect the field situation through the cloud library APP and upload (it is supported to only upload in WiFi), and do not need to copy the file to the computer before uploading.

Intelligent scanner

With just one phone, the contract can be scanned and the document uploaded. Support automatic identification of paper edges, support custom adjustment clipping, and automatically generate PDF documents from scan results.

Perfect security mechanism

Access control, preview watermark, device binding, transmission encryption... Wait for these security measures mobile side is also not absent, provide you omni-directional security protection.

Lock screen password protection

Both Android and iPhone can set security locks to prevent unauthorized access at source.

Remote device management and data erasure

Even if the device is lost, it can be remotely forced offline or erased local data through the device management function of other terminals.