Upstream and downstream distribution and collaboration

Say goodbye to delay and inefficiency. Transfer files to your partners, suppliers, and customers in a faster way
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One key distribution file information

Send the files stored in the cloud library to your partner via external links and cloud attachments. CDN acceleration ensures that the partner can download at full speed.

Collect data at any time

Make sure the project is moving forward in an orderly manner and keep your team focused. Information at each stage is easy to grasp, whether the design draft is completed or the development document is updated.

Custom outer chain send

External links can be generated by a single key, whether a folder or a file. You can set access, expiration time, access password, and permissions for external links. At the same time, external chain support leakage watermark, effective protection file content security.

Extreme cloud attachment with Outlook plug-in

Paste the cloud attachment one key into the mail and send it. The Outlook plug-in allows you to quickly select a cloud library file without leaving your email page and quickly transfer traditional attachments to the cloud library.

External links support collection of uploads

Support to publish an external link for each other to upload files, quickly realize one-to-many data collection, and can customize whether the uploader can see each other uploaded files.

Say goodbye to delay and inefficiency