Customized solution
Customized as needed, fully integrated, file content management combined with specific business to create exclusive solutions for enterprises
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Get through the enterprise business module

Integrated with the enterprise's existing system platform, process system, OA, ERP, etc. to form a complete business module, greatly improving the enterprise's office efficiency, and precipitating relevant data of the enterprise, providing support for business intelligence analysis.

Organization architecture docking

Support to synchronize AD, LDAP, CAS, enterprise WeChat, pin, enterprise mailbox and other organizational systems, unified maintenance, real-time synchronization. Avoid redundant and repetitive Settings and support single sign-on to effectively improve IT management efficiency.

Integrated hybrid cloud storage

Goukuai hybrid cloud solutions integrate storage and applications from different platforms into a core cloud computing platform. Realize centralized management of computing resources.

Open API interface

Supporting enterprises to carry out secondary development on the basis of fast enough, which not only meets the individual needs of enterprises, but also facilitates enterprises to connect with existing information systems.

More deep customization services

1. Exclusive independent domain name, mail server and short message channel

2. Exclusive client customization for the whole platform

3. Design and implementation of exclusive deployment scheme

4. Secondary development based on API interface

Customize what works best for you