Management background
A fully functional console for enterprise administrators
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Modular unified management platform
Organizational structure and member management

Can be managed after the unified management of enterprise organizational structure, batch add, batch import, batch edit. At the same time, the information support of organizational structure is synchronized with AD, nailing, enterprise WeChat and other third-party platforms.

File library management

Through the library management module, the administrator can quickly manage all the library information, hand over the personal library, uniformly manage the deleted file library and the secondary recycle bin files.

Enterprise information management

无论是企业名称、外链 LOGO,还是超管帐号绑定、登录通知策略,都已可以通过后台企业设置面板快速配置。

Manage and configure storage services

The administrator can manage and configure the mixed cloud storage nodes in the background, and can monitor the status of each storage point in real time.

Multidimensional statistical log and management
Global use statistics

The administrator can query and export members' active logins, daily upload traffic, spatial change trend, file upload type proportion and other statistics.

File operation log

Every file operation has traces, whether the file download, edit, delete, chain.. Operations such as these are logged and can be queried, filtered, and exported by an administrator at any time.

Administrative behavior log

Each management background operation is also recorded in the log to facilitate the administrator to audit all background operations to ensure the security of system operation. Filtering and exporting are also supported by administrative logs.



Advanced modules with custom services
More advanced modules

Custom roles, file templates, custom tag groups, temporary members, space quotas Such advanced modules can be configured in the administrative background.

Nailing/enterprise WeChat integration

Authorized enterprise binding pin/enterprise WeChat, support scan code authentication login, without maintaining two sets of organizational structure and account system, realize cross-platform file sharing and team collaboration.

Enterprise development authorization management

Goukuai to support open API retrieval. Administrators can quickly configure relevant development content through the background.