The Gokuai Cloud Library supports storage space that can be limitlessly expanded. Even if you have a multitude of files, you do not have to worry about quantities or size.


The Gokuai Cloud Library supports rapid and convenient file upload and download through index synchronizing technology. Internal company staff canrealize interspace file-sharing without being restricted by region.


The Gokuai Cloud Library offers online banking safety assurance through triple backup based on Ali Cloud distributed fragmentation storage. The enterprise edition offers client one-on-one tailored solutions to ensure the security of data and files.

Private cloud

Although Private Cloud can meet the individual needs of enterprises and offers a high level of security prior to maturity of the Public Cloud, Private Cloud nonetheless is confronted with such problems as high construction cost, difficulty in management and maintenance, low level device availability, and a lack of resource flexibility.

Traditional Solution

Traditionally, Hybrid Cloud is often considered to be a “simple integration of Public Cloud and Private Cloud, in which the user often handles non-critical business via the Public Cloud while acquiring key enterprise business and materials.”
The Gokuai Cloud Library meetsuser-defined demands for computers with high performance and computing power along with special business scenarios. The Virtual Server is likewise seamlessly accessed and overcomes multi-point disasters, realizing balanced loading and sudden rapid expansion. The access layer and logic layer of the Gokuai Cloud Library is simpler than the traditional hybrid Cloud, which has a long deployment cycle, complicated “private and public” interaction and cross-platform management redundancy.
The team edition cloud database offers basic functions of file storage, file discussion, and terminal office, which allows sharing of files between a team of up to 100 members.

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In addition to basic functions, the enterprise edition cloud database has additional tailored services to meet the demands of large and medium sized enterprises with over 100 staff.

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Zerohard drive usage Limitless expansion of storage File locking File discussion
Multi-access configuration File history record Device management File outer link
Watermark preview Online Notes Mobile office Secondary development
Access to third-party systems Offline data backup LDAP synchronization

The Gokuai Cloud Library helps us to effectively classify client information and manage file access of all members to ensure core clients data security.

- -Li Defeng, IT Manager, Creditease Excellence Investment Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Creditease Excellence Investment Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd used the Gokuai Cloud Library to “establish an organization framework and manage file access” so that core client retention rates could be improved. The vision to offer efficient financial services to small and medium sized enterprises and rural poor households will be sooner achieved.
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